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Opontia’s vision is to become the next generation e-commerce group in Eastern Europe, Middle East, & Africa. This will be achieved by acquiring, operating, and scaling outstanding e-commerce brands with superstar products.

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Opontia’s mission is to solve some of the key pain points faced by founders in the region

Lack of Capital

A lot of brand owners face difficulty in raising additional capital to fund growth or lack the risk appetite to invest additional capital to scale their business

Growing Pains

As the business grows, brand owners get bogged down by the admin, supply chain, procurement and other aspect staking away from the fun of the brand

Exit Opportunity

We provide brand owners a way to exit their business to pursue other dreams, retire, or simply take a break to recharge

Expertise and professional brand management

Our e-commerce and marketing experts will manage your quality products responsibly and sustainably, taking your brand to a new level

Less stress and more time

Leave the stress and hassle of the ever-changing algorithms to our dedicated team. Use your time for any other core business or projects you may have while still reaping the benefits from your brand

What we can do
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Channel diversification

Product development

Channel optimization

Geographic expansion

Brand Building

Business intelligence

Sourcing optimization

Economics of scale

Centralization of Logistics & Technology

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